Posted by: joekidd | October 25, 2008

be more healthier without using any medicine or drugs


how much did you spent the money to buy a medicine and for your treatment??

how do you feel when you use the mdicine?is it true when  i said that the medicine that you use is not so good and not so helping you..not much happend right?you still buy and buy the medicine because the doctor said you must take the medicine to bring back your health.and then what heppend??you spent a lot of money for that..

something that i have read before at

Survey: Half of US doctors use placebo treatments:
LONDON – About half of American doctors in a new survey say they regularly give patients placebo treatments — usually drugs or vitamins that won’t really help their condition. And many of these doctors are not honest with their patients about what they are doing, the survey found.

That contradicts advice from the American Medical Association, which recommends doctors use treatments with the full knowledge of their patients.

“It’s a disturbing finding,” said Franklin G. Miller, director of the research ethics program at the U.S. National Institutes Health and one of the study authors. “There is an element of deception here which is contrary to the principle of informed consent.”

The study was being published online in Friday’s issue of BMJ, formerly the British Medical Journal.

Placebos as defined in the survey went beyond the typical sugar pill commonly used in medical studies. A placebo was any treatment that wouldn’t necessarily help the patient.

Scientists have long known of the “placebo effect,” in which patients given a fake or ineffective treatment often improve anyway, simply because they expected to get better-thursday 23oct 2008 By MARIA CHENG, AP Medical Writer..

so?? do you think you can trust the doctor 100%??

as a human,the doctor also can feel the pressure when their have to treat so many patients in a 1 day..

by the way,we must have some alternative to make us feel better without using any drugs or medicine and high cost treatment..